Monday, 21 January 2013

New Oxford Annotated Bible Orientation

I am using the New Oxford Annotated Bible, 4th edition, for my Old Testament course at LSU. To help students orient themselves to the features of the study Bible, I have designed the following exercise. Since NOAB is so commonly used as a basic text book for biblical studies, I decided to make the exercise available for everyone to use.

NOAB Orientation Exercise

Look for review comments here in the near future.

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James M. Leonard said...

Note to Professors:

Regardless of how "good" the features are (I think they are mediocre, logically contradictory, and bent on minimalism), your students won't be able to discern which edition they need to buy. They'll end up buying an old edition, or Metzger's edition, or the Apocrypha-only edition. You'll have to reschedule your class activities so that they have enough time to re-order.

Even if they succeed in buying the correct new edition, the publisher will send some of them defective copies. Some of my students had the edition where the bindery forgot to include the concordance (no-this is not a "feature" of the edition, since not only is the concordance excluded, but also a portion of an essay preceding the concordance is omitted).

The last straw for me is to discover that my own copy has its own textual variant so to speak: This edition lacks Colossians through 2 Peter. If this had been printed back in the 17th century, the Netherlands bindery would have lost its royal license.