Monday, 21 January 2013

New Oxford Annotated Bible Orientation

I am using the New Oxford Annotated Bible, 4th edition, for my Old Testament course at LSU. To help students orient themselves to the features of the study Bible, I have designed the following exercise. Since NOAB is so commonly used as a basic text book for biblical studies, I decided to make the exercise available for everyone to use.

NOAB Orientation Exercise

Look for review comments here in the near future.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Old Testament Canon Lists

One would think a chart of the book order of the major Old Testament canons would be easy to find. I have about 70 or 80 books introducing the Bible and the Old Testament, but couldn't find one therein. The closest I found did not have the LXX listed. Likewise, I couldn't find a barebones chart on the internet.

So I made one myself, and you can access it and distribute, no strings attached. If you notice anything needed correction, let me know.

Old Testament Canon Lists