Monday, 20 July 2009

Graham Stanton Dies

Graham Stanton, towering scholar, Cambridge's Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity, and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College

He died on Saturday (July 18).

He barely knew me, but even when he had his own struggles with cancer, he went beyond all expectations in seeing that my application to Cambridge was considered, and keeping me informed of the process.

I did my Gospel of Matthew thesis (master's, Regent College) at a time when there was hardly any decent secondary literature on Matthew available. During that time, he oversaw the difficult process of getting Allison and Davies' ICC commentary to completion. And he produced the introductory work on Matthew "A Gospel for a New People"

More recently, the book "The Gospels and Jesus" Read more

Thank God for his careful scholarship. The world will be so much less without him. May a new generation like him arise.
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